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**If you need an Absentee Ballot Application, click the link to the left or see below news flash.  You may submit these applications up to 180 days prior to each election.  If you are elderly, disabled or a UOCAVA voter, you may submit one application per election cycle (generally per year) by checking in the Exception section designating your status.   During a PRIMARY ELECTION or PRIMARY RUNOFF, you MUST check the party ballot that you want or you may choose solely non-partisan which will ONLY give you non-partisan races. You may send these applications to our office by mail to:  P O Box 958 Watkinsville, GA 30677, by fax to 706-310-3486 or scan and email to:

SAMPLE BALLOTS FOR MAY 22, 2018 PRIMARY ELECTION - Be sure to view based on your precinct.  There are 2 Democratic ballot styles and 2 Republican ballot styles based on House Districts 117 and 119.  You can determine your sample by precinct name listed on the right hand side of the sample.

The mission of the Elections and Registration Office is to register citizens of Oconee County to vote, to ensure that elections are free, impartial, fair, accurate, convenient and accessible to all voters, to encourage voter participation, to provide excellent customer service to voters, candidates and the media, and to help the public understand and follow all laws, rules and regulations set by Federal, State and Local Laws, as well as the State Election Board.

In addition to planning, organizing and conducting all county elections, the Oconee County Board of Elections and Registrations Office is responsible for recording the voter registrations of Oconee County citizens and verifying the legality of each voter. The Elections office is accountable for the accuracy and validity of elections and for abiding by all federal and state election codes. 

Election Precincts & Polling Locations
View a map of Oconee County Elections Precincts and Polling Locations (PDF).

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