Rezone, Special Use & Variance Requests

The following request was tabled until the October 3, 2017, BOC meeting:

Variance #7212


William Huffstetler, Corner of Matt's Lane and Andy's Way; request to reduce the front yard setback for principal building from 30 feet to 8 feet.

The following request was heard at the June 19, 2017, Planning Commission Meeting and approved at the July 11, 2017, Board of Commissioners Meeting.

Rezone #7175

Nimesh & Nital Patel, AR-1 & FP to AR-1 & FP with modified conditions, +/- 8.466 acres, Riverhill Ct (Lot 84, Block C, Lane Creek Plantation, Phase 3)

The following requests were heard at the May 15, 2017, Planning Commission Meeting and at the June 6, 2017, Board of Commissioners (BOC) Meeting.  Variance requests are heard only at the BOC meetings.

Rezone #6985

Stonebridge Partners, LLC, O-I-P PUD to R-1, +/- 39.556 acres, Stonebridge Parkway & Latham Drive, Single Family Residential

Variance # 7132

Stonebridge Partners, LLC, +/- 39.556 acres, Stonebridge Parkway & Latham Drive; request to allow seven (7) lots to access Stonebridge Parkway instead of proposed interior street.

Special Use #7134

CLWF, LLC, A-1, ±5.00 acres, New High Shoals Road, Landscape Services Business

Special Use #7139

Lauderdale, James D., R-1, 1281 Dials Plantation Drive, Home Business

Rezone #7146

Cirou, Aaron, A-1 to AR-1, +/- 9.00 acres, Hog Mountain Rd (SR 53).  Agricultural Residential One Acre District

Variance #7174

Handley, Dorothy, AR-1, +/-5.044 acres, 1071 Porter Creek Drive; request to allow a guest house in the front yard