Agenda Page (new agenda available Friday preceding meeting) 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Commission Meeting Chambers
Oconee County Courthouse
7:00 p.m.

1.  Approval of Agenda.
2.  Statements and Remarks from Citizens.
3.  Statements and Remarks from Commissioners.
4.  Discuss Alcohol License Application for Texas Roadhouse Holdings, LLC, 1021 Dowdy Road, Jason Burgess, Registered Agent – Kathy Hayes.
5.  Discuss Alcohol License Application for Convenience Stores, Inc. d/b/a JP Bogart, 2430 Monroe Highway, Freida T. Coker, Registered Agent – Kathy Hayes. 
6.  Discuss Oconee County Fire Rescue Bid Award for turnout Gear and Equipment – Bruce Thaxton.
7.  Discuss Revision to Fire and Burglar Alarm Ordinance – Bruce Thaxton
8.  Discuss and Consider Unified Development Code Revision of Article 11 – Sandy Weinel.
9.  Discuss Sale of Surplus Property – Wes Geddings.
10.  Hearings and Actions on Zoning Matters, Special Use Permits, Street Light Tax Districts, Etc.:
        1)  Consider Rezone Request No. 7330, Bobby Porterfield, B-2 to B-2 with modifications, Macon Highway, Landscaping Services Business.
        2)  Consider Variance No. 7309, Bobby Porterfield, reduction of buffer width from 50 feet to 25 feet.
11.  Discuss Addition to the 2018 Resolution for the Issuance of Citations for County Ordinance Violations – Justin Kirouac.
12.  Discuss Phase I Environmental Assessment by Terracon Consulting of the Fire Station No. 8 property – Daniel Haygood.
13.  Discuss and Consider Resolution of Appendix A to Exhibit A of Declaration of Taking of Additional Sewer Easement of property owned by Thomas Kittle (to correct square footage of permanent utility easement and temporary construction easement).
14.  Executive Session to discuss land acquisition, personnel matters, and/or potential litigation (if needed).
15.  Adjourn.