Agenda Page (new agenda available Friday preceding meeting) 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Commission Meeting Chambers
Oconee County Courthouse
7:00 p.m.

 Items for the Agenda are in Green

1.  Approval of the Agenda.

2. Statements and Remarks from Commissioners.

3. Statements and Remarks from Citizens.

4. Approval of Minutes:

1) Minutes from the following meetings have been distributed. January 3, January 6,
    January 10, January 10 (Town Hall), January 18, January 26, January 27, and January 31, 2017.

5. Business Involving Guests, Groups, or Multiple Visitors:

1) Report on FY 2016 Audit - Matt Miller, Treadwell, Tamplin & Company

2) Joint Comprehensive Plan Process - Justin Crighton, Northeast Georgia Regional Commission

6. County-wide Matters:

1) Consider Harden Hill Road Abandonment to the City of Watkinsville.

2) Consider Calls Creek Wastewater Reclamation Facility Expansion.

7. Approval of Resolutions, Ordinances, Policies, Etc.:

1) Discuss and Consider Wastewater Treatment Capacity Policy regarding reserved capacity for
    municipalities - Chairman John Daniell

2) Consider a Resolution Providing for the Levy and Collection of an Annual Ad Valorem Tax for the
             Oconee County School District General Obligation Sales Tax Bonds, Series 2017.

8. Hearings and Actions on Zoning Matters, Special Use Permits, Street Light Tax Districts, Etc.:


9. Personnel Matters:

1) Consider Appointments for the Joint Comprehensive Plan Stakeholder Committee with terms expiring
    July 1, 2018.

2) Consider Commissioner Appointees to the Bogart Library Advisory Board.

3) Consider Commissioner Appointees to the Hard Labor Creek Reservoir Management Board.

4) Consider Staff Appointment to the Northeast Georgia Region 10 Emergency Medical Services Board.

10. Approval of Contracts, Rights-of-Way, Awarding Bids, Purchases, Etc.:


11. Budget Items:

1) Six-Month Financial Update (FY 2017) - Wes Geddings

12. Miscellaneous:

1) Oconee County Government Goals Update from Board of Commissioner
     Work Sessions - Chairman John Daniell

13. Consent Items:

1) Adopt Board of Commissioners Vice Chair Schedule for 2017 through 2020.

2) Approve Public Works Director Emil Beshara to obtain survey of 20-foot sewer easement on
     Old Rocky Branch Road.

3) Approve HCM Park Brannen Building Roof and Gutters Project in an amount not
      to exceed $154,817.00.

4) Ratify Revision to Upper Oconee Basin Water Authority Resolution Enabling Legislation to
     Release the Resource Management Commission from the Authority (House Bill 168).

5) Approve Property Appraisal Department Transfer of Funds from Personal Services to
     Computer Equipment in the amount of $33,858.00 for property appraisal technology upgrades.

6) Approve Property Appraisal Department purchase order with DataCloud Solutions, Inc. to include
     software, iPads, four training days, and prorated maintenance in the amount of $21,138.12.

14. Executive Session to discuss land acquisition, personnel matters, and/or potential litigation (if needed).

15. Adjourn.