Housing Information

Welcome to Oconee County!

Relocating your business is one of the most important choices you'll make. Moving your family is a major decision as well. We're confident you'll find the perfect house in an outstanding neighborhood surrounded by friendly neighbors.

Please consult the Oconee Chamber of Commerce for a list of reputable and dependable realty professionals.  You can find the realtor list by visiting the Oconee County Chamber of Commerce's Membership Directory.
Welcome to Oconee County!
Welcome to Oconee County!

Average Housing Prices

Year New Homes Existing Homes
2016 $334,951 $291,905
2015 $343,177 $276,905
2014 $328,231 $273,219
2013 $304,475 $265,428
2012 $281,176 $239,913
2011 $300,998 $275,279

Oconee County Subdivisions Map