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Temporarily Inactive Request - Lock Meter (Not a final service form to close account)

  1. Only the individual (or, in the case of a commercial account, a current representative of said business) whose name the account is in may make this request. If the information provided does not match our records, the request will not be processed.

  2. We schedule by date only - we cannot schedule a specific time but they are normally done first thing in the morning. **Account must be paid to date and any usage incurred up to the locked date must be billed and paid prior to placing account in inactive status. There is a $30.00 charge to reactivate the account. Meter locking can be performed the next business day after we receive the completed form in our office or later if you prefer. Forms received after hours will require an additional business day. Do not backdate your form - service is billed on manual readings, not proration. No services will be scheduled on holidays or weekends. If you enter a holiday or weekend date, it will be scheduled for the next business day after that date.

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