Dirty Dozen Road Cleanups

KOCBC Dirty Dozen Monthly Road Cleanup List for 2020

Jan, Feb, Mar, Oct, Nov & Dec cleanups are held each 2nd Saturday, 10-noon

Apr-September cleanups are held each 2nd Saturday, 8-10 am due to heat

Jan. 11 Jimmy Daniel Rd.

Feb. 8 Mars Hill Rd. - QT to Hwy 78

Mar. 14 Colham Ferry Rd.

Apr. 11 Marshall Store Rd.

May 9 Barnett Shoals Rd.

June 13 Snows Mill Rd.

July 11 Price Mill Rd.

Aug. 8 Cliff Dawson Rd.

Sept. 12 Tappan Spur Rd.

Oct. 10 Choyce Johnson Rd.

Nov. 14 Dials Mill Rd.

Dec. 12 Norton Rd.

** Cleanup leader will make the weather call but we have cleaned up in light rain!