Mars Hill Planting Project

A total of 761 trees were planted in early 2019 in order to beautify the Mars Hill Corridor. Fifty different tree species and cultivars, including elms, cedars, dogwoods, redbuds, oaks, and maples were planted. Major trees are spaced 50 feet apart throughout the length of the corridor, with secondary trees interspersed to provide color and seasonal interest. The trees, which were chosen with an emphasis on native species that will grow well in local soil, will provide color and foliage throughout the year and will become well-established with greater size and stature over a ten-year timeline.

Trees on Mars Hill Road 4

Tree Species & Cultivars

Interested in the tree, vine, and grass species that are planted along the Mars Hill Corridor? See below for a complete list of species included in the Mars Hill Planting Project!


Trident Maple “Aeryn”

Japanese Maple “Bloodgood”

Japanese Maple “Seiryu”

Native Chalk Bark Maple

Deodar Cedar “Mystic Ice”

Eastern Redbud

Redbud “Forest Pansy”

Redbud “Rising Sun”

White Fringetree

American Yellowwood “Perkins Pink”

White Dogwood

Dogwood “Stellar Pink”

Dogwood “Celestial White”

Dogwood “Cherokee Brave”

Kousa Dogwood

Dogwood “Scarlet Fire”

Dogwood “Blue Shadow”

Dogwood “Appalachian Mist”

Aurora Dogwood “Rutban”

Dogwood “Milky Way”

Dogwood “Kintoki”

Dogwood “June Snow”

Dogwood “Constellation”

Dogwood “Starlight”

Cryptomeria “Radicans”

Georgia Gem Green Ash “Oconee”

Ginkgo “Gloden Globe”

Ginkgo “Presidential Gold”

Holly “Nellie R. Stevens”

Crape Myrtle “Sarah’s Favorite”

Crapte Myrtle “Moonlight Magic”

Crape Myrtle “Muskogee”

Magnolia “Brackens Brown Beauty”

Magnolia “Claudia Wannamaker”

Japanese Magnolia “Black Tulip”

Magnolia “Merrill”

Nyssa/Black Tupelo

Chinese Pistache

Swamp White Oak

Scarlet Oak

Overcup Oak

Nuttall Oak

Shumard Oak

Styrax “Prystine Spire”

Bald Cypress “Autumn Gold”

American Elm “Princeton”

Vines & Ornamental Grasses

Climbing Hydrangea subspecies petiolaris

Bignonia Cross Vine

Pink Muhly Grass