EMA, Fire Rescue/EMS, Animal Services Operations

Coronavirus (COVID-19) operations for EMA, Fire Rescue/EMS, and Animal Services through April 1 will occur as follows:

ALL STAFF: Public engagements and meetings are limited to those involving less than 10 people and will only take place when absolutely necessary.

EMA Director, Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, Fire Rescue Administrative Coordinator: Available at all times via e-mail and mobile telephone. Calls for emergency services will be staffed as they are during normal operations.

Animal Services Managerial Staff: Staff of Oconee County Animal Services will maintain presence at the Shelter. A member of the management staff will be available at all times via e-mail and mobile telephone. Animal Services Staff will continue to answer emergency calls. Adoptions of animals will occur via advance appointment only and only when pre-arranged. No attendant will be on duty to greet the public at the shelter. The primary telephone number for Oconee County Animal Services is (706) 769-3956.

Please keep in mind that our service to you is of the highest priority. All measures will be taken to ensure continuity of service as we also practice social distancing. Please call of us anytime we can be of assistance.