Open Records

Resolution of the Oconee County sheriff's office for the purpose of naming an open records officer, an alternate open records officer, and for other purposes:

  • Whereas, the provisions of the Georgia Open Records Act, the "Act" (O.C.G.A. Section 50-18-70, et seq.), were amended by action of the Georgia Legislature during its 2012 session
  • Whereas, one of the changes to the Act allows for the appointment of an Open Records Officer to whom all requests for records must be made
  • Whereas, a further change to the Act provides that a county/sheriff's office may require all requests made under the Act to be made in writing
  • Whereas, the Act further provides for notice of such change

Now, Therefore, pursuant to the provisions of the Act, Sheriff James A. Hale Jr. do hereby resolve as follows:

  • Charity Bell, is designated as the Open Records Officer and Records Administrator, and will act for Oconee County Sheriff's Office and all of its related and subsidiary entities as defined in the Act, herein the "Sheriff's Office";
  • All requests for records made under the Act directed to the Sheriff's Office shall be made in writing to the Open Records Officer, or in her absence, to the alternate;
  • The Open Records Officer is directed to cause all County websites to prominently display this designation and requirement;
  • The Open Records Officer is directed to notify the Oconee Enterprise as the county legal organ and any other media regularly covering Sheriff's Office matters of the content of this resolution;
  • The Open Records Officer is directed to notify all county employees and volunteers that any requests made under the Act shall be directed to the Open Records Officer or her alternate; and
  • This action shall be effective immediately upon the notifications to the media and the changes to the websites having been made.

Resolved this 1st day of January 2021, by the action of Sheriff James A. Hale Jr.