Parent's Corner


  1. Are exceptions made to the age control date? Exceptions are not made for a child to play in a league below his/her age level. Occasionally, exceptions may be made to move a child up to a higher age level (For example, if the child is exceptionally advanced in the sport). Approval from the Program Coordinator is required before a child can be placed at a higher age level.
  2. Can I request a specific team or coach for my child to be placed with? Team placement requests are not considered. The Head Coaches’ child(ren) and siblings, if a sibling is playing in the same league, are the only guaranteed placements. 
  3. Does OCPRD coordinate end-of-season trophies? OCPRD does not coordinate for trophies or end-of-season awards. All teams are encouraged to arrange a post-season celebration on their own.
  4. Will my child make a team? Yes, every player registered is assigned to a team. 
  5. Does my player have to attend Player Evaluations? We strongly encourage all who are able to attend evaluations to do so in order to strengthen the parity in our leagues. However, if your child is unable to attend they will still be placed on a team. 
  6. Are there minimum playing time requirements? Yes, this varies by program. Refer to the program rules in which your player is registered. 
  7. I never heard from a coach and practice begins tomorrow. Whom should I contact? Please call the office at 706-769-3965 and our team will assist you. 
  8. The registration deadline has passed. Can we still register for programs? If the deadline has passed and the program is full, you may register for the Wait List. There is no charge to be placed on the Wait List, and a participant will not be moved to an active roster without notification and approval.
  9. How do I know if space is available in a program? When registering, the system will show if a program is full and add you to the Wait List. 
  10. What equipment do I need to bring/buy? This varies by program. Please refer to the program page on the website or contact the program coordinator. 
  11. What team is my child on? When is my child’s practice and/or game time? Each season, coaches reach out a few days ahead of the activity’s beginning. If you have not heard from your coach, please call the office. A large percentage of coaches use email for communicating with their teams. Please check your email spam folder. 
  12. Where are the Micro Fields located? The micro fields are located near Oconee County Middle School on Mars Hill Road.

Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct applies to all Oconee County Parks and Recreation Department program participants, users of park facilities and park patrons. All individuals and organizations will be held to the Code of Conduct when using facilities administered by the department. Please view the Code of Conduct.

NAYS Parent Orientation & Membership ProgramBetter Sports Seal 2023-24

NAYS Coordinator: Maggie Polson
Email Maggie

In order for a child to participate in any competitive youth activity, at least one parent must be a current member of the NAYS Parent Orientation & Membership Program. To fulfill this requirement, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Select red “Register” button top right side of screen
  3. Select blue “User/Member Account” 
  4. Login Information: Complete login info, then click “Continue”
  5. Contact Information: Complete contact info, then click “Continue”
  6. My Organizations: select “I am affiliated with an organization”
  7. Search by Names “Oconee County Pks & Rec Dept”
  8. Select “Oconee County Pks & Rec Dept”, then click “Continue”
  9. Select Role “NAYS Parent”, then click “Continue”
  10. Review Contact information and Organization, then click “Create Account”
  11. Thank you for creating your account page appears, click “Checkout”
  12. Memberships/Certifications, click “Continue”
  13. Cart, click blue “Proceed to Checkout”
    *Your total should be $0.00 if you selected “Oconee County Pks & Rec Dept” as your organization. No donation is required. *
  14. Checkout: click blue “Process Order”
  15. Thank you for your purchase page appears, click green “Start Training”
  16. Click “Next” to begin course 
  17. Answer required course questions to complete