Great American Cleanup

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Keep Oconee County Beautiful is happy to provide tools, available for pickup or drop-off, for your cleanup efforts!

The Keep America Beautiful® Great American Cleanup® is the nation’s largest community improvement program taking place annually in an estimated 20,000 communities nationwide.

The Great American Cleanup® annually engages more than 500,000 volunteers and participants, whose work returns, on average, more than $100 million in measurable benefits across thousands of participating communities.

Keep America Beautiful believes that people and places are profoundly interconnected. Whether you live in a big city, a suburb or a small rural town, the Great American Cleanup is a shining example of how lasting, positive change happens when people work together.

Through programs like the Great American Cleanup, Keep America Beautiful transforms public places into beautiful spaces helping to make communities that are environmentally healthy, socially connected, and economically sound. They’re better places to raise a family, start a business, or go to school. They’re better places for living our lives.

The Great American Cleanup® unites communities large and small across the country in a grassroots spring-cleaning movement. Celebrating 25 years of beautifying our nation, the most recent Great American Cleanup created over 6,000 opportunities for millions of volunteers, making remarkable impacts – picking up millions of pounds of litter, cleaning over 160,000 acres of public spaces, and tens of thousands of miles of roadways and shorelines.

The Great American Cleanup prompts individuals to take greater responsibility for their local environment by conducting grassroots community service projects that engage volunteers, local businesses, and civic leaders. A successful Great American Cleanup project must fulfill the needs of the local community; that’s why we work with local community and business leaders, as well as other key stakeholders to gain knowledge about the community’s needs and carefully select and execute appropriate projects.