Homestead Exemption - Information Regarding Potential Changes


Oconee County voters will have the opportunity to potentially increase their homestead exemptions and automate age-based property value freezes in the May 2024 Primary Election. These modifications will be addressed with ten ballot questions, and all ten questions must pass for the following changes to be made to current homestead exemptions. 

Potential Changes to Homestead Exemptions: 

  • The general homestead exemption will increase from $2,000 to $5,000 
  • In 2035, the general homestead exemption will increase again to $10,000
  • At age 65,  the assessed value of the property will automatically be frozen 
  • At age 75, an additional $10,000 will automatically be added to the property’s homestead exemption

If passed, all current homestead exemptions will be phased out over time. Homestead exemption changes would apply to both county and school taxes. 



The slides presented at the November 15 Town Hall Meeting explain the potential changes and list each of the ballot questions.

Link to Slide Presentation of 2024 Proposed Property Tax Exemption Changes Opens in new window