Public Works

Public Works Staff with trees in background

Transportation Network Improvements

Transportation Network Improvements StoryMap

Mars Hill Phase 2 Exhibit

Please view the Mars Hill Phase 2 Exhibit at the link below. Email GDOT Project Manager Kimberly Kimbrough or Email Oconee County Public Works with any questions regarding this project. 

Click here to view the Mars Hill Phase 2 Exhibit.


To provide residents, visitors, and the business community with the highest quality services in an efficient, courteous manner and to enhance the quality of life through dedication, planning, and leadership.


The function of the Public Works Department is to provide overall coordination and direction to five separate but cooperating divisions (Development Services & Engineering, Roads & Bridges, Sanitation, Storm Water Management, and Keep Oconee County Beautiful), and to interact appropriately with various other state, federal, and local agencies.

This Department is responsible for all facets of Road Maintenance and Construction, Engineering and Design, Plan Review and Project Inspection, Solid Waste Collection, and Recycling.