Register an Animal Nuisance Complaint

The Animal Control Department handles Animal Nuisance Complaints during regular business hours only. A warning, to the owner, will be issued on the first complaint. If a second complaint is reported within 30 days, a citation may be issued to the owner. Since the complaint is a witness only complaint, if the owner pleads Not Guilty, the complainant will be subpoenaed to appear in Magistrate Court as a witness and testify about the Animal Nuisance.

Animal Nuisance County Ordinance

Section 1-5-4

An Owner of an animal shall at all times control such animal so as to prevent it from creating a nuisance, however, no person may be charged with a violation of this Ordinance as a result of excessive barking or other vocalizing unless a warning has previously been issued by an Animal Control Officer within thirty (30) days of the charge of a violation, and unless a complainant has signed a written statement giving the address of the Owner, a description of the animal, a description of the offense, and the date, time, and location of the offense.

Nuisance means an Animal is considered to be a nuisance if it:
  • Chases Vehicles or Threatens, Attacks, or Interferes With Person, Other Domestic Animal, or Livestock on Public or Private Property
  • Damages the Property of Another
  • Defecates or Urinates on the Property of Another Unless Same is Promptly Removed
  • Disturbs the Peace of Any Person by Loud, Persistent, or Habitual Vocalization
  • Disturbs Trash or Other Refuse
  • Runs at Large Frequently or While in Heat or in a County Recreational Park