Report Animal Creulty or Neglect

All allegations of animal neglect or welfare concerns are investigated. If you have an Animal Neglect or Welfare concern, complete a Complaint Form/Written Statement form, or contact the shelter at 706-769-3956. Please feel free to contact the shelter for any Neglect or Welfare concern. Let's err on the safe side.

If an animal is experiencing the following problems:
  • In The Back of a Vehicle (Animal Services continues to observe residents driving around the county with unconfined animals in their pickup beds. Do not let your dog ride in an open truck bed unless it is properly confined as defined in the Animal Services Ordinance.)
  • Inside Vehicle, Showing Signs of Stress, Immediately Contact the Shelter or Call 911
  • No Food and/or Water
  • No Shelter
  • Poor Physical Condition
  • Unsanitary Conditions

County Ordinance on Tethering

Section 1-5-3

An Owner shall not:
  • Tether an animal within ten (10) feet of public roads, public property, access, easements, common grounds, or the property of another without the express consent of said property owner;
  • It shall be unlawful to tether an animal outdoors, except when all of the following conditions are met:
  • Only one (1) animal may be attached to each tethering system.
  • Tethers must be made of a substance which cannot be chewed by the animal and shall be of an appropriate size and weight for the animal.
  • Any tethering device used to tether an animal must be at least ten (10) feet in length and mounted not more than seven (7) feet above the ground level and shall not allow the animal to come within ten (10) feet of the edge of the property line of the property upon which such animal is tethered.
  • The animal must be attached to the tether by a properly fitted harness or collar with enough room between the collar and the animal's throat to prohibit the choking or injury of the animal.
  • The tether must have a swivel installed at each end and be attached to a stationary object that cannot be moved by the animal.
  • The tethering system must be a sufficient distance from any other object and to prevent the animal from tangling of the cable, to prohibit the cable from extending over, around or through an object or an edge that could result in injury or strangulation of the animal.
  • The animal must be cared for in a humane manner.
View the full Animal Control County Ordinance (PDF).