Animal Services Information


  • Animal Control provides the following services for citizens:
  • Public safety from dangerous or seriously sick animals and at-large animals.
  •  Investigations of allegations of animal cruelty, Public Threat, Potentially Dangerous Dog, Dangerous Dog, Vicious Dog.
  • Enforcement of the Oconee County Animal Control Ordinances.
  • Adoption or reclaim of impounded and surrendered animals.
  • Public education on a variety of topics related to animals.
  • Information regarding lost or found animals.


Animal Control has an emergency on-call officer during after business hours 7 day a week. If you have an after hour emergency, please dial 911. Emergencies include animal bites, aggressive, seriously sick, injured, and trapped animals (trapped does not include an animal in a humane cage). We do not respond to any other complaints after regular service hours. An animal running at large or vocalizing is not an emergency - it's classified as a nuisance. Your call will be addressed the next business day.

Shelter From Elements Required - Domestic Animals

All domestic animals must be kept in a humane matter as defined in the A/C Ordinance - ARTICLE II: Definitions.

To report an animal without shelter during inclement weather, call Oconee County Animal Control at 769-3956. Please provide the address where the animal is located when calling.

Volunteers Needed

Help! Oconee County Animal Services is in need of volunteers! We need people to pop in during regular business hours to walk the dogs, play with the cats and give them lots of love, attention, and baths! Some days our furr-legged babies don't get out of their pens! They need you! Volunteers can come and leave on their own schedule as many or as few times per month as they want. Please call 706 769-3956 for more info or just show up!


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