Citations / Nuisance or Vocalization


A Citation is issued due to a county ordinance violation. You may be required to appear in Magistrate Court, at the prescribed date and time, for your arraignment or you can contact the Clerk of Courts, 706.769.3940. Citations may be pre-paid at the Clerk of Courts prior to the court date or in Magistrate Court the day of court. Failure to comply may result in a bench warrant for your arrest.

So please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate in asking. If you would like, a staff member will explain how you can learn to be in compliance and a responsible pet owner.

Please Note:
Animal Service Fees for impound and boarding are separate from a citation fine resulting in an ordinance violation.

Nuisance or Vocalization 

Section 5-8: Animal Nuisance.

(a) An Owner shall not allow his or her animals to be a Nuisance.  In the case of loud, persistent or habitual vocalization, the following standard shall be used: if a person of normal hearing who is inside a residence that is not the location of the source of the noise can: clearly hear the noise, distinguish the noise from the background ambient noise and ascertain and identify the nature and the source of the noise, then the noise is a nuisance between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

(b) A dog in heat (estrus) may not be allowed to roam free. If outdoors, a dog in heat must either be under control of a responsible person or must be confined in a secure enclosure. 

(c) A cat in heat may not be allowed to roam free and if outdoors, must be confined in a secure enclosure.

(d) This article shall not apply to noises arising from normal animal behavior or agricultural activities or operations as long as same are in compliance with the Unified Development Code and other County Ordinances.

(e) If any person neglects or refuses to abate a noise in violation of this Article the ASO may impound the animal causing the noise if the ASO determines that such action is necessary to abate the noise. Any such impoundment the animal will be available for the owner to reclaim the next business day during normal business hours.