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Clean, Green, and Beautiful Design Contest

Let's keep Oconee Clean, Green and Beautiful, one project at a time!

By working together, people in our community are making a difference.

In partnership with the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation (OCAF), the Keep Oconee County Beautiful Commission (KOCB) will continue its Clean, Green, and Beautiful initiative with a design contest!

The Clean, Green, and Beautiful Design Contest is sponsored by KOCB to promote litter prevention. The contest is open to all ages. The purpose of this contest is to get the viewer to start thinking and stop littering. The applicant must drop off the design at OCAF’s 1902 building at 34 School Street, Watkinsville, GA 30677 by September 15, 2019.

Design Contest Rules

The contest is open to all Oconee County residents

Only one entry per person or organization

The theme is “Oconee...Clean, Green, and Beautiful”.

Entries should encourage the viewer to start thinking and stop littering.

Designs should not be larger than 5’’x 7″ (post card size).

Any type of paper can be used, however keep in mind the design will be reproduced and displayed on recycle receptacles throughout the county.

Do not roll or fold designs.

Applicants may use any 2D medium (i.e., paint, crayons, watercolors, pastels, color pencils, etc.). Three-dimensional designs are disqualified.

The design submitted must be the applicant’s original artwork and lettering.

Designs become the property of KOCB.

It is very important that the following information appear on the back of each design.

Applicant’s Name, Home Address & Telephone Number or E-mail Address

If the applicant is under 18, please provide the name of the parent or legal guardian as the applicant.


By submitting your design to this contest, you give KOCB and OCAF the absolute and irrevocable rights to use my name, photos and images on the Internet, in print publications, video and multimedia presentations, and/or for any purpose which may include, but not limited to display, public relations, marketing, or designs to promote the Clean, Green, Beautiful initiative.


Designs will be judged based on originality, message impact, and visual appeal.

Submission deadline: September 15, 2019

Three (3) designs will be selected to be printed as decals for the recycle receptacles. One (1) design will be featured on a large scale in Rocket Hall during the Fall Festival on Saturday, October 19th.


To increase citizen awareness of the need for individual environmental stewardship and to offer opportunities for public involvement in local projects.


  • To develop and execute environmental and educational outreach programs encouraging citizen stewardship.
  • To provide supportive educational materials for county programs such as Litter Abatement, Solid Waste Management, Recycling and Beautification.
  • To conduct Environmental and Recycling programs and projects.

Awards & Recognitions

Governor's Circle Award 2019
Governors Circle Award  2019

Keep America Beautiful President's Circle Recognition Award 2018Keep America Beautiful President’s Circle Recognition Award Certificate

2017 Keep America Beautiful Youth Advisory Council Scholarship awarded to Atticus Lemahieu of Bogart, Georgia.

2013 First Place Keep America Beautiful Affiliate.