Location Assistance

Interactive Map of Properties

Location, location, location.  If you are looking for just the right spot to start your business, please click the image to the right.  It's our interactive map and it can help you make the best choices when it's time to put down roots.  

In addition to land and buildings available for sale or lease, our interactive map provides community demographics, labor force data, consumer spending habits, and maps of our water/sewer lines, current parcel zoning, and the county's future land use plan.

Click the image to view our interactive map of properties

interactive map

Customized Assistance

Whether a Fortune 500 company or a mom-and-pop operation, the Oconee County Economic Development Office is prepared to help you achieve your goals. Through confidential conversations, we are prepared to provide assistance as you seek to locate your business within our community.
Assistance that we can provide to your business includes:
Identifying potential locations;
  • Directing you toward technical assistance opportunities;
  • Providing information on financing mechanisms that are available;
  • Providing information on processes required to open your business;
  • Providing demographic statistics and trends;
  • Providing access to state agencies to assist in the development of your business; and
  • Putting your company in touch with local businesses that can assist in relocation.

Please contact the Economic Development Department to see how we can assist your business meet your relocation needs.

Location Assistance