Rezone, Special Use & Variance Requests

Please note: public meetings are open for in-person attendance and are also live-streamed via zoom. The zoom link will be posted on this page prior to each meeting. The public comment period for each hearing item will be open to those attending in person only, and written comments will be accepted in advance at

Please contact the Planning & Code Enforcement Department with any questions about participation options.

The following items will be heard at the July 12, 2022, Board of Commissioners meeting:

Variance #P22-0123; Joseph and Melissa Cannon, to allow an additional driveway less than 200 feet from an existing driveway; ±1.96 acres; located at 1231 Oaklake Terrace; Residential.

Variance #P22-0124; Jennifer Clark, to reduce the side yard setback for an accessory building greater than 144 square feet; ±4.00 acres; located at 1490 Lane Creek Road; Residential.

The following items will be heard at the July 18, 2022, Planning Commission Meeting and the August 2, 2022, Board of Commissioners Meeting (not: Variances are heard at the BOC meeting only):

Rezone #P22-0061; Donald Hammett; B-1 (General Business District) to B-1 (General Business District) and B-2 (Highway Business District); ±43.76 acres;  located at Hog Mountain Road and US Highway 78; Commercial.

Rezone #P22-0077; Taylor and Amanda Jenkins; AG (Agricultural District) to  AR (Agricultural Residential District); ±4.00 acres; located at 1351 Colham Ferry Road; Residential.

Rezone #P22-0085; DGDF Holdings, LLC; AR (Agricultural Residential) and AG (Agricultural District) to AR (Agricultural Residential District); ±4.47 acres; located at 1101 Cliff Dawson Road; Residential.

Rezone #P22-0089; The New Magnolia of Oconee, LLC; R-3 MPD (Multi-Family Residential Master Planned Development) and AG (Agricultural District) to OIP (Office Institutional Professional District); ±24.07 acres; located at 1541 and 1641 Virgil Langford Road; Assisted Living Community. 

Rezone #P22-0091; Alexander and Sadie Ginn; AG (Agricultural District) to AR (Agricultural Residential District); ± 8.1 acres; located at 1971 Flat Rock Road; Residential. 

Rezone #P22-0131; Jeremy Ziadie; AG (Agricultural District) to AR-3 (Agricultural Residential Three Acre District); ±9.9 acres; 1591 Snows Mill Road; Residential.