Rezone, Special Use & Variance Requests

The following items will be heard at the October 19, 2020, Planning Commision meeting and the November 3, 2020, Board of Commissioners Meeting (note: Variances are heard at the BOC meeting only):

Rezone #P20-0173;Sapphire Properties, LP; AG (Agricultural District) to B-2 (Highway Business District);±1.82 acres; located at 2891 Monroe Highway; Commerical.

Rezone #P20-0175; Lane Miller; AG (Agricultural District) to AR (Agricultural Residential District); ±2.25 acres; located on Astondale Road; Residential.

Rezone #P20-0178; Sapphire Properties, LP; R-2 (Two Family District) to B-2 (Highway Business District); ±1.22 acres; located at 1961 Epps Bridge Parkway; Commercial.

Special Use #P20-0189; Sapphire Properties, LP; AG (Agricultural District); ±1.82 acres; located at 2891 Monroe Highway; requesting approval for outdoor storage; Commercial. 

Variance #P20-0195; Anthony E & Kristin C. Waller; AG (Agricultural District); ±5.00 acres; located at 1301 Wire Bridge Road; requesting to place a guesthouse in the front yard; Residential. 

Variance #P20-0188; Sapphire Properties, LP; AG (Agricultural District); ±1.82 acres; located at 2891 Monroe Highway; requesting to waive the requirement for an incompatible use buffer; Commercial.