Does Oconee County have outdoor severe weather sirens?

No! Severe weather sirens are expensive, maintenance intensive, and generally are outdated technology. Modern times have given way to methods significantly more reliable for warning citizens about coming severe weather. Those methods include NOAA weather radios, emergency messaging such as through CodeRED, RELIABLE news and weather smartphone apps, and handheld lightning detectors. Additionally, Oconee EMA remains in constant communication with the National Weather Service regarding upcoming severe weather. While Oconee EMA cannot assume responsibility for brokering of weather information, the agency will communicate with governmental and private response partners regarding preparedness for severe weather. Additionally, Oconee EMA will update social media and the EMA website when time permits. We will provide you with information via the above channels in advance of a storm in order ensure ample opportunity for preparedness.

For recommendations on the smartphone apps used by EMA staff, give us a call.

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