How do I establish a water account with Oconee County?

When establishing water and sewer service with Oconee County Water, you will need to verify that we service the location. Once our office has verified your location is serviceable, an application will need to be completed and proper deposits and service charges paid. Our office can verify the total fee that needs to be paid when you call. We will need a copy of the driver's license of the individual that is signing up for service and, if this is a rental property, we will need a copy of the rental and/or lease agreement. All items listed must be submitted to our office before service can be established. We do not provide same day service. Applications must be complete and paid before 3:00pm during regular business hours in order to get next day service.  Anything submitted after that time will require an additional business day. For commercial service, we also require a completed sewer capacity request form to verify that all capacity fees have been paid unless a septic tank is being used and has been approved.

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1. How do I establish a water account with Oconee County?
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