Meter Information and How can I determine if I have a leak?

Most meters are equipped with a leak indicator that can help you identify if you have a leak at your home. Meter locations are typically in the road right of way in a rectangular box with a metal or plastic lid. Before you go out to look at your water meter, make sure all water is turned off inside your home. If any water is left on from faucets running or clothes washers, etc., this will affect the results. Once you find your meter, carefully remove the lid as the antenna is connecting the lid and meter and clean the glass face of the meter. If all water is off to your home, the red needle leak indicator on the meter face should not be moving. If it is moving, that means that water is being pulled through the meter and there is the possibility of a leak. There are also some meters that have an LCD display and the rate of flow will show usage. The leak could be anywhere from the meter box to inside the home. A plumber may be able to help you identify the location of the leak. Please contact Oconee Water Resources Department if you have any questions regarding a possible leak 706-769-3960. For examples please view:

meter facts and pics.

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