How can I protect my family and pets from rabies?

Protect your family and your pets from the rabies virus by keeping your pet current on its vaccination and keeping your pet under control. Sterilizing your pet will help reduce unwanted pregnancies causing pets not to be properly cared for or vaccinated regularly. Call Animal Services at 706-769-3956 to remove all stray or seriously ill animals from your neighborhood, and to keep potentially unvaccinated animals from your family and pet. Daytime activity of otherwise nocturnal animal is occasionally a sign of sickness. However, during spring and early summer, while offspring are being born and raised, it is not rare to find wildlife active during the day, especially on overcast days or on wooded lots. Remove bird feeders, pet food, and access to other types of food or water to decrease the chances of wildlife interaction with people and pets. If you see wildlife, contact the Sheriff's Office non-emergency, 706-769-5665, or an animal removal company.

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