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  1. Equipment usage is for Oconee County, Georgia residents only. EQUIPMENT USAGE IS FOR THE HUMANE CAPTURE OF DOGS AND CATS ONLY. If you are having wildlife problems, please contact a wildlife specialist.
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    1. An Oconee County Animal Services Officer may inspect the cage/trap at any time and may impound any animal found therein. 2. Applicant shall be responsible for any damage, maintenance, and/or theft for said equipment while on the applicant's property. Applicant shall be responsible for the cost or repairs or replacement should the equipment become damaged or stolen. 3. Applicant shall be responsible for any injury or damage to any person, property, or animal arising out of the applicant's use of the humane cage. 4. Equipment shall not be moved, opened/closed, or an animal placed/removed by applicant or applicant's agents. 5. If applicant is working the equipment, it shall be inspected a minimum of twice daily and user shall be responsible for the humane treatment found therein until an officer impounds said animal. 6. In case of inclement weather or weekends, the equipment will be either removed or closed. 7. Equipment will be used for the humane capture of dogs and cats only. Please Note: If you have outside animals, it is your responsibility to confine said animals to insure it not being trapped. Animals are not to be removed once confined. Any violation of said agreement may result in equipment removal, applicant no allowed future usage, and/or a citation for obstruction.

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    I understand and agree, by clicking the "submit" button below, I accept responsibility with the terms and conditions set forth. I will use said equipment only at the above property and for trapping dog/cat only. I hearby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Oconee County government, its agents, and employees from any type of liability, loss, and/or damage sustained by reason of injury to any person and/or damage to any property through any and all acts of omission by me or by any person under my direct or indirect authority arising out of the use of said equipment.

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