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Oconee County Information & Communication Channel Feedback Survey

  1. Exterior of Administrative Building
  2. How do you like to interact with your county government? We want to know how best to engage with you, provide information to you, and hear directly from you. Complete this questionnaire to let us know your preferences!

  3. Are you a resident of Oconee County?*
  4. What is your age group?*
  5. How do you currently access county government information (please check all that apply)?*
  6. What social media sites do you prefer to get county government information (please check all that apply)?*
  7. Have you signed up to receive any Notify Me alerts via text or email through the county website?*
  8. Have you signed up to receive alerts from CodeRed, the county's emergency notification system?*
  9. Do you attend the county's Quarterly Town Hall Meetings?*
  10. Have you ever used the Keep Oconee County Beautiful Litter Reporting App?*
  11. Oconee County is currently building a 311 app you will be able to use to report issues such as potholes, check the status of your issues and requests, and engage in two-way communication with county staff. What kinds of issues would you like to see included in this app?*
  12. How would you like to provide feedback to the county and express concerns (please check all that apply)?*
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